July 1, 2022


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Pooja Misrra – The Fearless Girl in the Industry!

From being vodooed to trolled to stalked to now being the boss of her production house, ‘Pooja Misrra Productions‘, it sure has been a roller-coaster ride for our brave Pooja.

Miss Pooja Misrra has a Vast Experience of 15 years in the Film Industry. She is an All Rounder and also a well trained in Indian Classical – Western and Bollywood Dance, and as well has achieved awards for Best Actress, Best Dancers from Various Organizations. Apart from this, Miss Pooja Misrra has also made a Huge Name in the Field of Writer, Producer, Reality Show Star, Fashion Model, Direction, Scripting, as well as in Styling too.

She is now all set for her upcoming production venture, titled as ‘JUD – A SLAP ON THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL’. The film will not only be produced under her banner, but this multifaceted girl will also be seen directing the movie. Also, apart from penning down this movie as a writer, Miss Misrra is also penning down her own auto-biography, which is sure to be a worth piece to read.

‘JUD – A SLAP ON THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL’ is a story of an impossible triumph, between an innocent talented girl who at every step of her way has been bound initially by her own father, then by her so called family friends who in reality are back stabbers and later by the obvious enemy.

In addition, there have been topless covers in the past but this one will be remembered for years to come thanks to the sophistication, class and superb styling. Pooja was looking smoking hot on the cover of Filmfare in the August issue, where in addition, if one would go on to read the inside interview, then you will certainly see the sassy and super intelligent side of Pooja Misrra spilling the beans on the dark side of showbiz. Ms. Misrra was surely the most sizzling cover-girl of August!

Meanwhile, Pooja Misra Productions is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013. Pooja Misra Productions is focused on creating content for the television, and motion picture. It is led by a management team comprising of highly experienced executives, with access to deep talent pool of professionals, Pooja Misrra Productions plants to leverage on its strengths, new generation ideas and experience to carve out a leading position for itself in the Indian media and entertainment space.

Pooja Misra Productions started operations in Oct 2010 and positioning itself to tap the motion picture and the television production business. Recognizing the opportunity in adapting International and national TV formats to audience tastes in Hindi, Pooja Misrra Production’s is also in discussions to secure the option for several international and national format shows.


Here is an array of shows done by Pooja Misra Productions – RELATIONSHIP ORIENTED SHOW- LOVE SUTRA, COOKERY SHOW- DECONSTRUCTING INTERNATIONAL CUISINE WITH SIMPLE INDIAN INGREDIENTS, LIFESTYLE ORIENTED SHOW – Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai, and so on. Miss Misrra is also on the verge to release her forthcoming reality show, ‘Spare Me the Crab Mentality!’, very soon, where it is a novel concept that brings to light a topic often swept under the carpet.

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