May 26, 2022


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I Don’t Have Sex With My Co-Stars: Sonam Kapoor

As far as I know her with respect to true fan, she is fearless, bold, honest, and always says what she feels from heart. And thus, lately she had given some exceptionally bold statement, which may sound as jaw-dropping.

When Neha Dhupia asked Sonam Kapoor on her podcast show #NoFilterNeha about the latter’s relationship status, the fashionista although admitted to loving sex but as well confessed that she is not fascinated to any person from the industry for to have sex in the company of them.

Sonam CannesShe said, “I am single, and have never dated any co-star… They are incredible but I dont want to talk about movies all the time. Also I have never been attracted to my co-stars. That’s why I have such a good chemistry with them because I never had sex with them.”

Meanwhile, Sonam always raised eyebrows on the show after saying that she and her sister Rhea Kapoor also suggests their baby-brother Harshvardhan Kapoor for to always use protection while having sexual intercourse with his girlfriends.

Now isn’t this a perfect caricature of an honest nature? Yes, it surely is! And that’s what I am truly in love with her as a big fan! She always says what her heart says, straight on the face, and not even an inch worried about being a celebrity or her star-status. You rock girl, you always!

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