May 27, 2022


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Govinda upset with YRF after Pamela Chopra’s car hit his son’s vehicle

Yashvardhan Ahuja, who is the son of 90s superstar Govinda, lately met with a lethal car accident. Luckily he is safe, but the car that struck the vehicle of Govinda’s son belonged to Yash Chopra’s wife Pamela Chopra.

Speaking to a news channel, Govinda expressed his shock when no one from Yahs Raj Films called him or their family to at least even check on his son. As the flame of nepotism is already at its peak and Govinda being already upset with it after being vocal about the same for a long time, this news just adds fuel into it.

Reports suggest that it was Pamela Chopra’s car which rammed vehicle of Govinda’s son, but still the actor didn’t file any police complaint since the driver apologized to them. Meanwhile, the accident occurred on June 24 evening

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