July 1, 2022


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Dear Zindagi Review: Don’t Worry, You’ll Love this Zindagi!

Right from its casting to the makers, along with the storyline as per the promos, the film had much expectations. Now let us see how far these expectations had fulfilled the need of our moviegoers.

The story starts with the super-ambitious film cinematographer, Kaira (Alia Bhatt), who does everything with perfection and dreams to direct her own film someday. Now soon she gets an opportunity from the love of his life Raghavendra (Kunal Kapoor) to co-direct a big banner film. Kaira is now on the top of the world where she is much happy that along with accomplishing her dream, she will also get some time to spend with her love Raghavendra. However, before cherishing all these, she gets a shock of her life where she comes to know that Raghavendra has ditched her and got engaged with his ex-girlfriend. Well, this totally shattered the life of Kaira and this is getting affected on her normal living life. To fix this, she happens to meet a well-known psychiatrist Dr. Jehangir Khan aka Jag (Shah Rukh Khan). A strong bong has been developed between Kaira and Jag now, gradually during their therapy sessions. She not only bounces back from her emotional heartbreak, but also gets to know that how actually life is simple, and it’s just we who makes it complicated. However, a twist comes in the story here, where Kaira falls in love with Jag. Now what happens next forms the crux of the story.

dear-zindagi-movie-review‘Dear Zindagi’ is a perfect slice of life film, where it teaches the audience on how to be simply happy in all the situations. Written and directed by Gauri Shinde, who made her extremely impressive debut with Sridevi’s comeback film ‘English Vinglish’, has done a sincere good attempt here with ‘Dear Zindagi’. She had perfectly narrated the film’s concept and its message in a very simplified way by taking the current scenarios facing by the mango people, where it primarily focuses on youth’s dilemma. Along with this hard-hitting message, Gauri also made sure to keep the film quite light from its humour element, so that it doesn’t become too much heavy for the audience. And she also blended all of these very well, in such a way that you would literally feel the hidden message of what the film is actually trying to tell and show you.

Now what goes against for this movie is its length and the stretchy second half. The narration of the second half is quite a snail-paced, where one would actually feel that how much talking-talking is there in this film. Although the presentation was quite good, but due to its slow narration during post interval, it kills the overall impact.

Going by the performances, Dear Zindagi is truly an Alia Bhatt film. She is just so fabulous and magical on screen, where the actress simply overpowers the prowess of Shah Rukh Khan. After Udta Punjab, she once again proved that she is no less than any superstar. I believe, film by film, she is simply growing in the industry, where to be precise; she is making her stand in the industry quite strong. As her role in the movie defined to be as a perfectionist cinematographer, she chooses the same in real-life too as an actor.

dear-zindagiShah Rukh Khan
, on the other hand, as usual excels in whatever he does. However, despite of being a superstar and having such a great expertise in acting, he does not outshine Alia Bhatt’s character and in fact gives her a good amount of space to explore. Now that’s what I call as a true generous star, which itself works in his favour here in the film. Someone has very rightly said, Dear Zindagi is indeed the most-impressive mature character done by SRK after Chak De! India.

Meanwhile, other actors in the film such as Kunal Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur, Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar and Ira Dubey had played their respective roles quite well.

Music is okay and songs are situational-based in the film. Cinematography is decent, Editing could be tighter enough to make it crisper, and dialogues are impressively simple to make audience understand the essence of the scene.

So is it Paisa-Vasool film? Because of its lecturing narration, especially during the second half, this slice of life film will be loved by niche audience. Watch it for the valuable message given to the mango people in this endearing movie, along with some mind-blowing performance given by Alia Bhatt, to make your Paisa-Vasool!

Rating: 3 Stars

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