July 1, 2022


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Check out: Malaika Arora Khan buying strawberries from roadside!

Have you ever thought of it that a known star would buy stuffs like vegetables or fruits from roadside? No, right!

Well, some are there, and I would believe why not? Afterall, there are also human beings just like us, isn’t it? Yes, until and unless if any star is quite careful about our paparazzi’s who would always run behind them to click thousands of pictures for just one moment.

But here my friends, there is one such big star who is simply least bothered about paparazzi’s, where she went ahead and just acted like a normal human being.

Yes, you are right! I am talking about the very gorgeous Malaika Arora Khan here, who was recently spotted by the paparazzi. The hottie mummy got clicked when she was buying the yummy strawberries from road-side.

Yes, you heard it right! It seemed like she just couldn’t resist herself and literally engaged herself in buying some of the juiciest strawberries.

Now isn’t that amazing! Well, in her midi dress with a sexy cut-out, I believe only Malaika Arora Khan as a very stylish diva can look exceptionally hotter buying some stuff from roadside! Wonder what must be going on in the mind of that (poor/lucky) person who is selling those delicious yummy strawberries to our hot-mummy? Any guesses?

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