July 1, 2022


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Trapped Review: Go Freely!

If you have watched the promo, then surely would be thinking that it’s going to be a different movie. Some sort of expectations is being build up with respect to its promising storyline and the presence of talented actor Rajkummar Rao. Now let us see that the movie is truly worthwhile to check out or not!

It’s a story about a strict vegetarian guy Shaurya (Rajkummar Rao) who lives in a shared apartment and has a girlfriend to die for. With limited budget, soon he rents his own apartment where he dreams to live with his love after getting married. The uninhabited flat is at 35th floor with no neighbours nearby, where people are staying beneath and the upper floors are as empty as one can imagine. Now little does Shaurya knows that his first day in the house would be his longest one, and even probably the last one. Why? Because the door is being accidently locked and the keys remain outside. He is now being trapped in his deserted house with no food, no water and no electricity, where his phone is also being conked off. He tries to ask for help by shouting from the grilled window, but his voice doesn’t reach people several feet beneath him.

However, Shaurya doesn’t give-up and tries every effort to ask for some help – like burning some clothes and hanging them from the balcony to draw attention, writing help on a placard with toothpaste and throwing out of the window, also throwing things out of the window like television and so on. However, everything goes in vain and the zeal to live drives him to be audacious. But how far can enthusiasm take him? Watch the movie and find out!

What’s noteworthy about the film is its narration, where it makes you keep glued throughout. As a storyteller, director Vikramaditya Motwane makes sure to create that tension with the help of writer and cinematographer. They allow us to come near the subject and feel the anxiety. It’s the feeling of being lonely and left-out that makes ‘Trapped’ a scary experience.

Going by the performance, Rajkummar Rao solely and perfectly handles the film on his shoulder. As a fine and talented actor he always is, Rao underplays Shaurya well. Geetanjali Thapa is alright in her brief appearances as Shaurya’s girlfriend, and Khushboo Upadhyay has a good screen presence.

Well, the trouble with Trapped is that there are not enough genuinely scary heart-in-mouth moments. First half is engaging enough, but the second half is stretched a bit. Also, Rajkummar Rao is more capable than what he is being shown here, which is why he is such a powerful actor. However, sadly I couldn’t see enough of his that super-inner potential in the movie. But whatever he has done so far here is commendable and praiseworthy.

Cinematographer Siddarth Diwan draws us into the protagonist’s struggles by hugging him so close that it often feels like we are walking with him rather than watching him. Background music is good and goes well with the storyline. Editing should be a bit more crisp, and rest other technicalities were decent enough.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film? Well, to some extent, it is indeed! By showing the story of a small man facing a mammoth challenge lost in a tiny corner of a mammoth city, the makers have somewhat succeeded in impressing the moviegoers with their surviving thriller. Watchable for those who loves to watch different kind of cinema!

Rating: 3 Stars

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