July 1, 2022


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Tiger Zinda Hai Review: Delivers What It Promises!

Expectations were huge, and it’s because of several reasons. The first and foremost is obviously ‘The Salman Khan’ film, and secondly it’s a sequel of the blockbuster film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ (2012). Now, let us see how well the film sketched out in front of audience, particularly Salman’s fans.


We all have seen in the first part that how an Indian and Pakistani spy (Tiger and Zoya) falls in love with each other and lives in a secluded area, away from both the government. Now while they have started living an idyllic life somewhere in the snow-covered ranges of Europe, both have been found for a mission suggested by senior officer of RAW, Shenoy (Girish Karnad). Tiger and Zoya (Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif) have been assigned to free 40 nurses (25 Indian and 15 Pakistani) who are kept as hostages, along with the hospital, for the treatment of terrorist group leader Abu Usman (Sajjad Delafrooz). However, Tiger and Zoya have only 7-days to complete their mission, as Americans have decided to launch an airstrike on the hospital. Now how they both manages to rescue those nurses, from the crux of the film.

Screenplay & Direction:

It’s a great blend of emotions, humour, action, romance and patriotism. The movie begins on an engaging note and ends on entertaining note. Right from the entry of Salman Khan to the ending scene, it’s a worthy film for every Salman Khan’s fan. The superstar will be greeted with seetis and taalis in most of his scenes here. First half is quite enjoyable with a blend of comedy and action, whereas the fun as well continues in the second half but sadly the pace drops a bit here. Also, the film gets a bit unconvincing which could have been avoided. The film lacks a bit of logic in several sequences, and so this drops down the increasing graph. The narrative too gets scattered in the middle, but luckily pace of the film picks up towards the climax, particularly in the last 30 minutes. However, the climax is again quite lengthy but thankfully it’s brilliantly executed and gives audiences a satisfactory entertaining film.

Ali Abbas Zafar serves as a first-rate sequel to EK THA TIGER which justifies the expectations of many, and that’s definitely a praiseworthy work. His direction too works as a mass appeal, which ensures that the film looks like a classy product. One of the most interesting things to note here is the India-Pakistan angle depicted here, which I believe that the viewers will have a big-smile on their face, even tears at some places. In addition, a wonderful message of peace is being given in this movie and that’s sure to be appreciated.

Music and Other Technicalities

Music composed by Vishal-Shekhar is melodic and well intertwined in the film’s storyline. Background score given by Julius Packiam is exhilarating, dramatic and undoubtedly raises the pulse of the movie. Cinematography done by Marcin Laskawiec is captivating and gives the film an international feel. Meanwhile, editing is slick, action will be loved by masses, VFX is brilliant, dialogues are simple but effective, and same goes for other technicalities in the film.


Salman Khan, once again, delivers a terrific performance, especially in action scenes. The actor will be loved by his fans, which is unfortunately disappointed in his last film ‘Tubelight’. However, in TIGER ZINDA HAI, Salman compensates for it very well. On the other side, Katrina Kaif too performs well and even she gets several claps in her action avatar. Sajjad Delafrooz plays his villainous part very well, where without his remarkable performance; the film would not have been that much enjoyable. Watch his confrontations with Salman Khan – the clash between good and evil is brilliantly performed by both. Angad Bedi is fine, Paresh Rawal is as usual terrific, and so does Girish Karnad. The rest of the actors do a fine job here.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film?

It’s a sure-shot a Paisa-Vasool film! In fact, a doubly for Salman Khan’s fans! On the whole, it’s a high-octane masala entertainer film, which has an appealing and gripping screenplay that’s powered with clap-trap dialogue. Despite of some setbacks, it delivers what it promises – Entertainment!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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