May 26, 2022


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Sarkar 3 Review: This Sarkar is now Powerless!

Expectations were high, and there were many reasons attached to it. The first and foremost is the successful franchise, where the first part has already became a cult one and the second part too was liked by many. Now Ram Gopal Varma is back with its third part in his successful franchise, but going by RGV’s recent past records, there’s a big doubt whether he along with Big B can revive the magic or not. Well, let us see how well the film is watchable among the moviegoers!


The film starts with the powerful voice and striking message from Subhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan) to his followers. The story gradually builds up when Subhash Nagre refuses to be demolish Dharavi (one of the biggest slum in world), which was offered by Builder Gandhi on behalf of Michael Vallya (Jackie Shroff). Then comes an entry of Nagre’s grandson Shivaji aka Cheeku (Amit Sadh) who believes in following his own rules. Well, this leads to a cold war between Subhash Nagre and Gokul Satam (Ronit Roy) who is Subhash’s most trusted man.

Now one fine day, politician Govind Deshpande (Manoj Bajpayee) is killed by someone, which makes some unavoidable events that led to Subhash and Shivaji becoming enemies of each other – so much so that they vow to kill each other. Adding one more twist in this plot is the entry of Shivaji’s girlfriend Annu (Yami Gautam), who is the daughter of a man got killed by Subhash Nagre. What follows next is a series of plotting and planning, display of political power and broad daylight murders.

Writing and Direction

Now if you are planning to go watch this one, for the reason that it’s a third part of the successful franchise, then just trust my words and forget it. Sarkar 3 has no plot, no story and no premise. The writing by Ramkumar Singh is majorly flawed while penning down this political drama. The movie had so much potential to become a breakthrough of Ram Gopal Varma, but the writer-director duo just failed to execute it in proper way.

The writing in several scenes is absurd and clunky, whereas director Ramu has completely lost his grip on the franchise. Although there are certain twists and turns, which is the trademark of Sarkar franchise, but those are hardly any which after a point becomes quite predictable and easy to guess. There are loose ends which are never tied, and by the time the climax comes, you have pretty much figured out how it is going to end.

The film offers nothing but a complete state of confusion and irritation because of its tedious and prolonged scenes that test the patience of audience, and RGV’s absurd and sloppy narration that drains the viewer’s mind.

Meanwhile, the film’s first half successfully holds your attention, thanks to character introductions, with some hope to witness an unimaginable set up in the second half. However, the film’s second half fails miserably and is a massive let-down that goes straight into a black hole.


Going by the performances, the film is only-and-only watchable for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan whose presence and aura is enough for the audience to stick on the screen. The megastar once again gave a powerful performance as the kingmaker Subhash Nagre, where despite of the flawed screenplay, he holds the film from start-to-finish with its strong intensity and persona. However, he got a very loose character to showcase his powerful persona, and as a result because of this the film couldn’t be saved much.

Amit Sadh is commendable, and veterans like Manoj Bajpayee, Supriya Pathak and Rohini Hattangadi are completely wasted here. Ronit Roy hardly got to speak anything here but his way of emoting scenes is enough to praise. Yami Gautam does nothing but to stare everyone she meets, which shows that she fails terribly to emote her expression in crucial scenes and turns out to be a poker face. Jackie Shorff although tried his best, but his character was so laughable in-spite of being antagonist here.

Music and Other Technicalities

There’s only one song in the film, which is Ganpati Aarti, and is quite good to hear and watch as well. On the other side, background music is decent at first but gets irritating after a certain point. Editing (Anwar Ali) was very bad and Cinematography (Amol Rathod) was absurd. We all know how Ramu is quite fascinated in trying different angles to show his scenes, but its high-time now. At least he could have spared the much-loved Sarkar-franchise!

Paisa-Vasool or Dabba-Gul?

It’s a complete Dabba-Gul movie! Sarkar 3 is a huge disappointment for the moviegoers who are expecting to see the Sarkar-magic here. And for this, Ram Gopal Varma can only be blamed! Skip It or Suffer It!

Rating: 2 Stars

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