August 8, 2022


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Rock On 2 Review: Magik Fails!

Rock On (2008) was loved by many and the movie became a cult one in the musical history. Now after about eight years, the second installment of the movie released with almost same star-cast. However, there’s a new director here along with some new addition in the star-cast list. Well, it had some good amount expectations with respect to its first installment, music, promos and so on. Let us see how well it has gone far to fulfill one’s expectation.

The story kicks-off from the point where it show that Magik band’s members get separated from each other and are living their own personal life. Aditya Shroff aka Adi (Farhan Akhtar) is settled in Shillong and is running some ‘Farmers’ Co-operative’ for villagers and a school for the poor children. Joe (Arjun Rampal) is a successful businessman and a judge of a reality television show. Now one fine day, all the Magik members unite in Adi’s birthday and decide to re-establish the band. With the inclusion of struggling musician Uday (Shashank Arora) and Singer Jiah Sharma (Shraddha Kapoor), the band recommences with a live show.

However, Jiah backs out and is not able to perform during the live show because of her past, where her classical singer father is strictly against the western music. Crack forms in Magik Band, again, and everyone is very much stressed out. However, a twist comes here where Adi finds himself in a big financial trouble and the only solution to this is to organize a rock-concert in Shillong and arrange some money from it. Well, what’s that trouble and will Magik band be again lift-up and will Jiah perform live for western music in stage? Watch the movie to know more!

Rock on 2 posterAs said earlier, the film had some good amount expectations, and now after watching the movie, I believe it had not fulfilled as much as it was needed. The story (penned down by Pubali Chaudhuri and Abhishek Kapoor) goes mish-mash making audience bit confuse as from where the movie took off and where it got landed. However, the basic storyline is decent and had potential to offer some truly sensible cinema. Unfortunately, it drags endlessly and disappoints the moviegoers to some extent. Meanwhile, it is engaging in some parts and the people who loved the first part will surely connect to this one in some or the other way.

Director Shujaat Saudagar, who made his big Bollywood debut with this film, has although attempted well to present the haywire storyline, but sadly didn’t presented well to the audience. I believe the movie should have been crisper and tighter for to give an impactful presentation. On the other hand other, the movie should also have been edited well for about more than 30 minutes in the editing table. Music of ‘Rock On’ is still being appreciated, but I believe music of the installment will not have the same appreciation over the year. Though the music is good in its own terms, but will not last longer just like the first installment.

Going by the performance, the film entirely focuses on Farhan Akhtar, and sadly he seems to be lost here. But not because of his performance, I guess it because of his character. And similarly, I believe everyone here has performed well in some way or the other, but because of their poorly sketched character, their performance goes unnoticed and wasted. Sad for Arjun Rampal, who won National Award for his performance in Rock On, was not having a strong character to at least get some good amount appreciation from everywhere. Meanwhile, Shraddha Kapoor too performs well but goes unnoticed because of her loosely sketched character and slow paced narrative. Rest of the actors is just passable.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film? NO! Despite of having some potential to make it huge, ‘Rock On 2’ has less entertainment value. It disappoints the fans of first installment, because of its slow pace and no good music. The makers tried hard to re-create the ‘Magik’, but fails!

Rating: 2 Stars

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