May 26, 2022


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Robot 2.0 Review: Paisa-Vasool Entertainer!

The movie created a much-needed hype because of its VFX, and so the expectations were there in that sense to witness something different in our Indian cinema. In addition to that, the movie starred two of the biggest superstars – Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, and so there was a good jump in expectations from this movie. Further, it’s a sequel to the blockbuster movie Robot (2010) and so naturally one can expect at least a good entertainment and a paisa-vasool film. Well, as the movie finally releases, let us see how well these expectations have got fulfilled by the makers of 2.0.


In a nutshell, the movie revolves around an ornithologist, Dr. Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar), who ends his life on a cell phone tower pained by the death of birds due to mobile phone radiation. When he becomes the fifth force and tries to play havoc on those who use cell phones, enters Chitti, the robot made by Dr. Vasigaran (Rajinikanth). The rest of the film revolves around how Vaseegaran and his team come to the rescue of the people, just like in any typical superhero film.

Screenplay & Direction:

Shankar’s screenplay is almost taut, engaging and most importantly, simple and highly entertaining. It is commendable to see how he has infused an important message without compromising on the entertainment quotient. He strikes a balance while talking about the harmful radiation and its ill effects on birds but again, he doesn’t get preachy. Also in the process, a social message is embedded in the narrative, as characters are made to say that people spend more time with their mobiles than with their loved ones.

2.0 wastes no time and from the first scene itself, the story begins to move, and this continues till the end. Plus, there are no forced songs or forced humour, and the focus is solely on the story. However, story and treatment are simply pedestrian. There are no surprises or twists that one usually associates with a Shankar mass entertainer. In fact, it’s just a direct sequel to the director’s Enthiran (Robot) which also didn’t offer some great story to the audience. Ina addition, it’s a south-film in original, so one has to expect a mindless story filled with some desi entertainment. And so, the 148 minute long film doesn’t offer you something new in terms of storyline, but to be fact, it also doesn’t bore you even for a moment as there’s so much happening scene by scene. Meanwhile, the introduction of 3.0 is another wonder and adds a nice twist to the proceedings.

The entry of Chitti takes the film to another level and it’ll surely be greeted with seetis and taalis! Shankar knows what fans would want from a Rajini film. He has loaded the film with typical Rajinisms, swag, and punch-lines. It’s a delight film for all the Rajini’s fans. The intermission point is terrific but Shankar reserves the best for the second half. However it’s the climax where the film goes on a high, especially the last 30 minutes. Rajinikanth purely steals the show at this point and his fans are bound to go berserk!

Music and Technicalities:

There’s only one song in the film, which comes in the end-credit. AR Rahman’s background score goes with the theme.

However, the real star of the film is its VFX and special effects. The last 30 minutes is something which one would have not seen in any Indian film ever! Further, mobile phones crawling on the road, trees glowing with phones and a giant bird are sure on par with international standards. Almost 50 -percent of the film has stunning visual effects and has been shot using a true 3D format. My advice would be, ‘2.0’ should be watched in 3D for a complete satisfying viewing experience.

Meanwhile, special mention here for the make-up of Akshay Kumar, which is something extraordinary brilliant. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is terrific, and Anthony’s editing is flawless.


Rajinikanth is the star of the show as expected. The superstar is in true form here, mouthing punch dialogue like being above the numbers game, and bashing up the baddie in his characteristic style. He’s too good in the beginning portions but in the second half and particularly the climax, he’s a riot!

Akshay Kumar appears on the screen very late but leaves a huge mark with his limited screen time. Most importantly, he looks every inch a menacing villain. Amy Jackson looks pretty as hell and is convincing in her portrayal of a humanoid robot.

Sudhanshu Pandey plays well but his track is difficult to digest and too illogical. Adil Hussain is good, and Kaizaad Kotwal is decent.

Paisa-Vasool or Dabba-Gul?

Total Paisa-Vasool Boss! The film is totally paisa vasool and makes for a complete family entertainer (although a mindless entertainer). However, the film works largely because of Rajinikanth and the amazing 3D format. Recommended to watch it in theatres!

Rating: 3.5 Stars


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