May 26, 2022


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Rajma Chawal Review: Dish Served With Pure Love!

Good family movie dealing with life in the big, decaying section of the city, Old Delhi. It also dealt with old values versus new values or differing generational ideas.

Rishi Kapoor was great as the overbearing, selfish, self- righteous father figure. He spent most of the movie manipulating his talented son, causing the son endless pain and grief. When his son meets Tara/Seher, he finally found someone to make him complete.

There were comical moments and sad moments in the film. There were also moments when Rishi’s character infuriated you. All in all, this movie made you THINK!

The music was great. The lyrics of the songs were bold and put the anguish of the youth out there for the elders to hear.

Kudos to Rishi Kapoor and the rest of the cast for holding this film together.

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