July 1, 2022


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Noor Review: Recommended for Social-Message!

We have witnessed ‘n’ number of movies where female protagonist has played the role of a journalist. And this time, it’s Sonakshi Sinha who is seen portraying the same in ‘Noor’. With respect to its 4 P’s – promo, plot, protagonist and promotions, the movie gave a decent amount of expectations to the moviegoers. Now let us see how well the makers have managed to fulfil those expectations.


Sonakshi plays an eponymous character of a very spunky and vivacious journalist, Noor, living in Mumbai by means of her own quarter-life crunches going in personal and professional life. The ‘never-satisfied-with-life’ Noor works in Shekhar’s (Manish Chaudhari) office and handles a show ‘Mumbai’s Believe It Or Not’. Now the story takes a twist where she is being accidentally involved into something bad, but takes courage and goes on a mission by showing the true spirit of a journalist. Now what’s that bad and on for what she is on a mission, forms the crux of the story.

Writing and Direction

An official adaptation of Saba Imtiaz’s book ‘Karachi: You’re Killing Me’, the film gives out a strong and relevant social message. And with respect to its screenplay, ‘Noor’ impresses the audience to some extent. While the first half is decent enough to engage audience, the second half plays the spoilsport. The film drags on certain point and slowly moves that dilute the required tension which was build up post interval. I believe the film could have given a stronger and better impact if such things would have been worked out effectively. Nevertheless, despite of some flaws, director Sunhil Sippy had narrated the film quite well. In addition, each and every character has been well written and sketched out, where one would surely relate in his/her personal’s life.


Going by the performances, Sonakshi Sinha takes the film on her shoulder and successfully leads it with a strong conviction. Though the film’s second half is a bit weak, but she essays the role of a journalist very appropriately and becomes a strong protagonist.

The very talented and experienced Manish Chaudhari once again strikes his presence with his remarkable act. He was outstanding as Noor’s boos and plays his part as efficient as he does all the time. We need him more on the screen and that too on meaty roles.

Kanan Gill makes his impressive debut, Purab Kohli was good in his extended cameo, Sunny Leone was decent in her short cameo, and others have played quite well in their respective roles.

Music and Other Technicalities

Music and Background Score is good enough, whereas Cinematography is commendable enough. Editing could have been a bit better, where the film’s length can be easily trim down by around 20-30 minutes. Rest other technicalities have supported well.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film? Well, just like Sonakshi’s character in the film, Noor surely has its own ups-and-down, but somehow raises its level. While it has draggy second-half, but has a great social-message to look on along with some praiseworthy performances.

Rating: 3 Stars


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