July 2, 2022


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Mom Review: Sridevi is Back With a Bang!

After starring in the much-acclaimed movie ‘English Vinglish’ (2012), the powerhouse performer Sridevi is back after 5 years with ‘Mom’. The expectations were pretty much good with respect to its promos, star-cast and interesting storyline. Now let us see how well the movie fared well among moviegoers and Sridevi’s fans.


Mom is a powerful and revengeful story of a school teacher Devki (Sridevi) who is a stepmom of her beloved daughter Arya (Sajal Ali). However, despite of so much love and affection towards her daughter, Devki still faces the hatred from her Arya who just can’t get over the fact that she is her stepmother. Now one fine day, Arya celebrates the Valentine’s Day with her friends at some cottage that is far-away from her house. Over there, one of her schoolmate Mohit, who belongs to some powerful family and was once punished by her teacher Devki, gang-raped Arya with his friends. Though Devki knocked the door of Court, but Mohit was released because of his powerful sources. Devki now hires a private detective Dayashankar Kapoor aka DK (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) so that she punishes the culprits in her own way. However, soon she comes under the radar of a sharp cop Mathew Francis (Akshaye Khanna). Will Devki succeed in punishing the culprits and bring justice to her daughter? Or will she eventually get caught by Inspector Mathew?

Writing and Direction

Although the film’s genre and basic storyline has been showed ‘n’ number of times to us, but what makes MOM different from those ones is its treatment and presentation. It’s a hard hitting story that is being narrated by the very talented debutante director Ravi Udyawar, which I believe will definitely appeal a larger number of audiences. In addition, the overall screenplay of the film is very much gripping and attention-grabbing. Though many would feel that the film would have been a bit tighter, but the powerhouse screen presence of Sridevi will make you ignore everything and will make you engage throughout the film.

Meanwhile, director Ravi Udyawar makes a promising debut with this movie where he perfectly adds those necessary ingredients to engross the audience. The tension between Devika and Arya, tension between Devika and the culprits, tension between Devika and Mathew, scenes between Devika and DK, and also the emotional connect between a mother and her daughter are perfectly blended together and equally shot in an excellent manner.

However, something was missing in the film, and something should have been trimmed during second half for to make it more impactful. However, despite of these minor flaws, the film stands out in every way, especially the climax part.

Music and Other Technicalities

Music by AR Rahman is decent, but the background score is extremely good and creates a much-needed tension in the film. To be precise, without such brilliant background score, the tension in the scenes and between the characters would never been have so much real. On the other hand, cinematography is exceptional, editing is good, and action scenes are superbly executed.


If the film is being watchable, it’s majorly because of Sridevi’s powerful performance. She is basically the soul of the film, where her magic and charisma lifts the movie so high that it reaches to an altogether different level. With MOM, Sridevi yet again proves that she is one of leading actresses in today’s time of Bollywood and is definitely going to stay here for a longer period of time. After English Vinglish, Sridevi is back with a bang.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is as usual outstanding and correspondingly stands tall in front of Sridevi’s strong and powerful persona on the screen. Nawaz scenes with the actress are nothing short of sheer bliss. His looks and performance in the film is simply beyond words. On the other hand, Akshaye Khanna is in his top and truest form. We want him more in films with such good roles. Apart from them, actors like Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali have equally supported well.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film? Totally! Watch it for its hard-hitting and gripping content, along with Sridevi’s mind-blowing performance.

Rating: 4 Stars

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