July 1, 2022


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Kahaani 2 Review: Get some Chills-n-Thrills with this Kahaani!

After tasting the success of ‘Kahaani’ in 2012, the makers are now finally out with its second installment. ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ is to precise not the sequel of its first part, but is actually a new movie on the similar lines from the same brand. Starring Vidya Balan again, it had great expectations right from its promo, star-cast to the teaser thrilling-suspense storyline. Now let us see how far this movie has thrilled us with its Kahaani.

The first part had Vidya Balan pregnant who is finding her lost husband. Now the second part shows us Vidya Balan having a girl child and is again on a quest to find her who is being kidnapped. However, there’s a small twist her.

kahaani_2_poster‘Kahaani 2’ traces us the journey of Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) and her handicapped daughter Mini (Naisha Khanna), where the former juggles down her time from home to office and vice versa. Now one fine day, when Vidya returns home from office, she finds out that her daughter is missing. Soon a phone-call comes, where it states that Mini has been kidnapped and she needs to reach one spot immediately to see her daughter alive. Vidya leaves everything and runs to reach that spot on time, but meets with an unfortunate accident that leads her to go in coma state.

Now is the entry of a Sub-Inspector police officer Inderjeet Singh (Arjun Rampal) who becomes an in-charge of this case. He searches Vidya’s house to investigate the case and found Vidya’s personal diary in it. As he starts reading it, Inderjeet discovers a shock of his life. Also, a senior officer informs Inderjeet that Vidya’s face is an exact replica of a dreaded murderer and kidnapper Durga Rani Singh, for whom police were searching her from a longtime. What’s the shock of life that Inderjeet got from Vidya’s diary? Is Vidya Sinha and Durga Rani Singh the same woman? Will Vidya Sinha eventually save her daughter Mini? Answers to all these forms the crux of the story!

‘Kahaani 2’ is a perfect whodunit thriller written and directed by the ace Sujoy Ghosh. It’s engaging, intriguing and equally thrilling to keep the audience stick to their seat, right from the first scene to the last. Also it has ‘n’ number of shocking twists and turns that keeps the mango people guessing scene after scene. In addition, Vidya Balan’s strong presence and brilliant performance raises the level of the movie. Sujoy Ghosh is back to what he is known for by giving a full justice to the brand, where he retains the essence of thriller and forms an ideal impact among moviegoers who loves to watch suspense-thriller kind of movies.

However, the film’s plot gets loosen-up during post interval, but Sujoy makes sure to keep the film as real and as gripping. Not to forget, the climax-part, better known as USP of the brand, makes up for everything.

kahaani-2-arjun-rampalNow going for the performance, Kahaani 2 totally rides on the shoulder of Vidya Balan along with Arjun Rampal. While the actress is back with a bang this time after a series of flop, the actor equally delivers a striking performance. Also, Vidya owns the franchise so much that it is next to impossible to think any other actor to play her role. She is so perfect here that she gave a complete justice to her character and so does to the brand. Meanwhile, despite the strong presence of Vidya Balan here, Arjun does not get typecast here. His personality, confidence and utmost conviction of playing a sub-inspector here makes the film more interesting. Adorable little child artist Naisha Khanna makes her presence felt in the midst of great actors like Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal. Actor Jugal Hansraj, who makes his comeback with this film, played his part well. Rest other actors are as well good in their own respective roles.

Background music, cinematography and editing are just bang-on to keep the thriller essence intact throughout. Dialogues are simple and plain, yet remarkable.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film? Although less impressive as compared to its first part, but is surely a pasia-vasool film. On the whole, ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ is a taut serious drama filled with some dark thriller and extra-ordinary performances. Recommended!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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