July 1, 2022


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Jab Harry Met Sejal Review: Kuch Samjha, Kuch Bumper!

Expectations were sort of high; with of course due to several reasons like it’s a Shah Rukh Khan-starrer film, the famous of pairing of SRK-Anushka comes back with this film, it’s an Imtiaz Ali film and so on. Now let us see how well the makers had managed to entertain the audience with their expectations.


It’s a story about a European tourist guide Harry aka Harinder Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), who is quite bored with his life and frustrated with on-and-off relationships with his girlfriends. Along with a talkative and bubbly Gujarati girl Sejal Jhaveri (Anushka Sharma), who is constantly living in a sheltered existence that has restricted her from really living. Now Sejal, who is engaged with Rupen (Kavi Shastri), comes to Europe with her family and becomes one of Harry’s clients to travel around. However, one fine day Sejal lost her engagement ring in the course of her sight-seeing and decides not to go to India until she finds the same. She forcibly joins Harry in this mission, where later on they both discover themselves. What sequences emerges out during this mission and how they both discovered each other, forms the crux of the story.

Screenplay and Direction

The plotline is interesting to some extent, but the overall writing is not the one would be expecting from this film. The first half is quite refreshing, where the makers had successfully managed to develop the characters of Harry and Sejal, along with the basic storyline in an entertaining manner. The real fun begins as they both try to find the lost engagement ring, where the humour is very well placed by the writer-director Imtiaz Ali.

As the first half quite moves in a breezy pace, the second half is equally disappointing. It drags to the maximum, where it kills the entertainment quotient that was delivered in the first half. In addition, it as well becomes quite predictable, where one can easily predict or can say what next will come. Also, certain sequences in the movie are not properly explained and thus remained unanswered with throwing the audience in a complete confuse state. In actual fact, the makers want their audience to be logic-less and watch their movie.

Although there are some twists in the movie, but it fails to excite the audience due to film’s poor writing. Meanwhile, the climax part also has one of the interesting twists, which is quite better than the rest, but eventually the film ends up into a clichéd experience. Furthermore, when the suspense of the lost engagement ring, which was created by the makers throughout the whole film (even during the film’s promotions), finally opens – you will have a poker face.

Imtiaz Ali’s direction is, however, excellent as always. Some sequences are deftly handled and bring out the emotions. To be precise, he has handled certain sequences so well that one can truly relate it in their individual’s life. And that’s the magic of his direction.

Music and Other Technicalities

Music, which is composed by Pritam Chakraborty, delivers some good to average kind of tracks. Songs like ‘Radha’ and ‘Hawayein’ are good to hear and as well very nicely shot. ‘Safar’ is an introductory song, whereas ‘Butterfly’ is a foot-tapping and is being played during the end credits. Rest others doesn’t make much impact in the film.

Cinematography is spectacular and striking, where the locales of Europe have been very well captured in the film. Editing could have been crisper and Imtiaz Ali’s dialogues however are straight out of life and yet well-worded.


Shah Rukh Khan is, as usual and as always, best in all of his romantic films. And this time too, he manages to win his fan’s heart. On the other side, Anushka Sharma is also quite remarkable in all of her movie. And this time too, she manages to impress one and all. In addition, she plays her Gujarati character to the ‘T’, where her performance makes one smile, laugh and even move the audience in certain emotional sequences. Chemistry between Shah Rukh and Anushka is amazing and something to watch out for. Aru K Verma is quite dent in his important role, Chandan Roy Sanyal is passable in his very small role, and Evelyn Sharma doesn’t get much scope in her not-so existent role.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film?

The film works in parts. It has some attention-grabbing moments, but is as well quite a clichéd and predictable one. SRK’s fans will though definitely love it (but not very much). For rest, it’s a one-time watch and not-so Paisa-Vasool kind of film (with respect to its expectations). All in all, it’s an average film.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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