May 26, 2022


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Fukrey Returns Review: Good Comeback!

Fukrey (2013) was a sleeper hit, and a good hiatus, the makers have returned with its sequel – Fukrey Returns. Expectations are good enough, as the cast is same and the trailer seems good! Let us see whether it has entertained the audience or not!


The story moves forward where the first part got ended. After getting Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chadha) arrested, the gang of boys – Hunny (Pulkit Samrat), Choocha (Varun Sharma), Zafar (Ali Fazal) and Lali (Manjot Singh) are enjoying their time. But all hell breaks loose as Bholi is released from prison. She wants to avenge the humiliation that she had to face thanks to the Fukras and hence she compels them to be a part of an illegal initiative that involves conning the entire city of Delhi. How it leads to major problems and how the boys come out it forms the rest of the film.

Screenplay and Direction:

The first half slowly moves forward, whereas the film picks-up during the second half. In addition, the climax part is quite captivating enough to leave the audience on a happy note. However, some parts had some great potential but unfortunately are not very well executed. Also, the plan that Bholi thinks to avenge on the gang of boys is too silly. As a result, one does not expect logic in this series. Since the characters are relatively same, for the reason that it’s a sequel and the only story moves forward, the makers have not done much to sketch the characters or to add some extra-element in it. Meanwhile, the one-liners in the film are hilarious and dialogues are one of the highpoints, which I am sure to get a lot of applause and whistles.

Though some quirkiness is added well in the script, the direction is in the same space as part one and that in fact works for most of the film. While Fukrey has some logic in it and audience convinced for most of the situations, Fukrey Returns is an illogical film and so the makers have focused on logic-free entertainment this time. Well, as a result, this is why it loses some audience and doesn’t go with mass appeal. Thankfully, the execution part is not that much silly and goes with the sync of giving a decent dosage of entertainment.

Performances, Music and Other Technicalities:

Varun Sharma hugely impresses here. Despite having a bigger role in the sequel, he carried out well by taking the entire film on his shoulder. As its being said, certain sequences are quite illogical in the film, but one won’t have any complaints as Varun brings the house down. Pulkit Samrat performs ably, Ali Fazal doesn’t get much scope and is good in his role, and Manjot Singh manages to raise some laugh in the film.

On the other hand, Richa Chadda proves for another time she is nonetheless a powerhouse performer. It’s worth watching while she is performing her badass character again. Pankaj Tripathi and Rajiv Gupta do not disappoint and bring some laughter. Priya Anand is cute, Vishaka Singh is passable in her cameo, and rest of the actors have lends a good support.

Songs in the film do not serve any purpose, whereas Background score is quite impressive. The cinematography is good, and Editing is simple.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film?

Well, it’s a partly paisa-vasool film, if you guys know how to enjoy an illogical comedy film. On the whole, it’s a clean film that can be enjoyed by the entire family. And that definitely gives FUKREY RETURNS a bigger appeal.

Rating: 3 Stars

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