July 1, 2022


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Climax Review: Beautiful and Brutal Experience!

A film directed by Gaspar Noe with a bunch of dancers snowed into a dance academy whos sangria is spiked with LSD. What could go wrong???

Let me tell you that this film is not for everyone. Fans of Gaspar Noe will be very impressed! This is a very experimental film with no traditional narrative. If you give this film a chance and watch this with an open mind, you will be impressed with the amazing preformences and the amazing direction and cinematography. If you like films that do something different and experimental I think you will enjoy this film. If you want to watch a relaxing movie this is not for you.

There is many interesting character dynamics that the film sets up at the beginning that we get to see unfold throughout the entire film. The film contain a lot of uncut conversations between the dancers which is a very different approach. This film reveals its themes slowly and gradually as the film progresses and begins to become more insane and this film does not spoon feed you. The audience has to figure out what the film truly means and what is actually happening.

The never-ending soundtrack is the heart beat of the entire film It is very loud and intrusive that accentuates the very insane mood of the film. The cinematography mirrors the effect of the LSD that it is having on the dancers as it gets more interesting and insane before it reaches its climax at the end of the film. If nothing else, watch this film for the impressive visuals and choreography and because this is technically stunning!

This film was amazing!! I would see this film if you like experimental films and if not, stay far away from this film and from Gaspar Noe.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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