July 1, 2022


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Befikre Review: Go Befikra, Have Fun!

We all know what the movie is all about or what the basic plotline is, so thus the expectations from the target audience was pretty much set. Yes, it was all about friendship, love, lust and more. Also, as it’s a comeback of maestro Aditya Chopra as a writer-director, the expectations among moviegoers had raised a bit high. So let us explore the review and find out how well the movie fared well among these expectations.

The story starts with Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) having a sour break-up with Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and moves out of his house. Then it goes back to flashback events, where approximately one year ago, Shyra (French girl of Indian origin) meets a stand-up comedian Dharam (perfect Dilli da Launda) at a night club and they both become friend. Soon they start a journey that is filled with I-dare-you, I-hang-out-with-you, I-sleep-with-you, I-do-everything-but-not-say-I-love-you kind of things with each other. Later they decided to be in live-in relationship, where everything was going fine until one day a smart and well-educated Anya (Armaan Ralhan) enters Shyra’s life. Anya proposes for a marriage with Shyra, and after knowing that Dharam gets a shock of his life. In a sheer revenge, he too announces his marriage with a French girl which as well gives a shocker to Shyra. Well, the events that follows next leads to change the equation of everyone with each other. With whom Shyra will choose ultimately, Dharam or Anya? And will Shyra and Dharam ever mince those three magic words to each other? Watch out to know!

The overall writing of the film is quite fast-paced, less drama and more fun-filled. Writer-Director Aditya Chopra has very well sketched out the screenplay of the film, through which he makes sure to give never-bored and all-time-fun kind of feeling to the audience. There’s indeed more to lip-locking scenes, dare-wala scenes and one-night stands in the movie. Right from the start frame till the last, you will get hooked to your seat and be entertained. The movie strongly connects with today’s youth, but the traditional beings may find it difficult to digest it. On the whole, Adi and his team succeeded well in giving an apt film to their target audience (with respect to their promos and promotions) and made sure to please their expectations.

On the other hand, the drawback of this film is only that it is quite clichéd and predictable to some extent. Though the film is relatively high on fun and adventurous, the abundance of cliches weighs the film down. You will hardly find one dull moment during pre-interval, but one can find same with quite a few during post-interval session. However, the silly and equally hilarious climax makes up with every drawback and lifts the movie again on a higher note.

Going by the performances, Ranveer Singh becomes the cynosure here and takes more than 70% credit for the entertainment quotient in the film. He does what he is best known far – pagalpanti, vellagiri, dare-devil and an ideal desi boy that one can ever imagine. His perfect comic timing, filled with lots of energy and freshness, wins lot of hearts. Vaani Kapoor equally impresses well in the film, where she makes sure to never disappoint the audience through her act. Her body appeal, expressions and dialogue deliveries makers her as a super-confident and super-hot girl. In addition, chemistry between Ranveer and Vaani is undeniably vibrant and colourful. Armaan Ralhan is good and rest of the actors played their part well.

Vishal-Shekhar’s music is absolutely rocking and goes apt with the film’s theme. It will remain with you for a long time even after leaving theatres. Background score is equally promising. Cinematography work by Kaname Onoyama is excellent, where Paris will look exceptionally beautiful. Editing is crisp and gives a fast-paced film to the moviegoers. Dialogues are brilliantly written, where it is very much funny, naughty and equally touching.

So is it a Paisa-Vasool film? Totally! ‘Befikre’ is for all the befikra people who don’t find the ‘BOLD’ word as quite a taboo. It’s a delightful take on modern love, where the end product is a classy fun and entertaining youth-centric movie, which will leave you in splits.

Rating: 3.5 Starts

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